Poster: I Dissent!

While true, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a woman of small size, her impact on the country and her stature in the minds of the people who love her is massive. 3 letters is all you need; direct, big, bold, in your face. A small sign-off of “I Dissent!” as a response to this political insanity we are living through. The small crown icon as a shoutout to the cultural references to Biggie where she’s shown with one atop her head. Designed pro bono for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland.

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Poster: STRIKE!

Pro-Union, Pro-People. The power of the collective, to organize and to demand, to work and to earn, to bargain and to strike, is one of the great American powers. The collective helped build the middle class, end child labor, implement the 40-hour work week, and earn a respectable living for millions. Because of ruthless conservative policies, they have been weakened in the last couple decades. But no more, they are on the comeback. Whether or not America actually becomes a country where anybody, anywhere can create a meaningful life will in large part depend on the effectiveness of unions. Because without them, where people work together for a better tomorrow, America will remain a place where only the rich thrive and the rest of us toil away with little hope for the future.

For the workers and the teachers out there in need of a sign for their next protest. Download, print, mount, take to the streets!

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NO Death Penalty

Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers has been fighting to put an end to the death penalty in our state for 40 years. In 2015, our state lawmakers actually succeeded in repealing the death penalty. Then, our heartless governor overrode that ban and recently had someone executed. It’s a heartbreaking tale of money being more powerful than the will of the people. But, Senator Chambers won’t give up. We won’t give up.

To highlight this long fight to stop the death penalty, I’m offering this badass print of Ernie Chambers getting ready for action. All proceeds will be donated to Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

We will not go quietly into the night! We must end this barbaric practice of state-sponsored murder! All power to the people!


The Poster Project

On National Voter Registration Day, in advance of the 2018 election on November 6th, Wide Eye launched a poster challenge:

… a broad cohort of American designers have gathered together to produce original works to help GOTV (Get Out The Vote!) and inspire people to the polls on election day. Voting and civic engagement have never been more important, and design and art have an important role to play. All posters below are shareable, downloadable, and printable on a Creative Commons license.

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Poster Shop

At long last, the graphic design studio practice of JKDC is now offering select screenprints for sale online. Available for purchase through an online store, accepting payments via PayPal, and shipping by way of USPS in a sturdy tube. Check it out now, come back every so often as new prints become available. All profits go to the JKDC self-initiated project “fund.” Enjoy!

Kent Bellows Poster Challenge

The Challenge: Design a poster to make someone else care about an issue important to you.

I recently had the great fortune to visit the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program. An interdisciplinary art studio that encourages teens to explore, observe, think, and create in the arts. We talked posters. It was awesome.

Three of their students this semester took on the challenge to create a compelling poster on an issue each found important. The posters designed by Violeta (16), Riley (18), and Jose (16) were absolutely fantastic. Very thoughtful, moving, powerful. They are now showcased on Power to the Poster along with their individual artist statements.

Special thanks to KBMP Director Weston Thomson for making this little collaboration happen. Interested in supporting the KBMP? You can do so online by donating to the Joslyn Art Museum’s Annual Fund

Graphis Poster Annual 2019

Awards for design work are weird. Recognition is nice. I like to brag about my skills. But awards don’t really mean anything. They cost money to enter and the ROI is really unclear. It’s close to zero, probably negative. Anyway, I digress.

For my poster Climate of Denial I was recently awarded a Silver Award for the next Graphis Poster Annual. You can buy the book in the Graphis Store. They are always very beautiful, inspiring books.

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