We Rise: LA

An immersive experience that brings together LA’s diverse community to explore our collective power to live lives of purpose and engagement.

More powerful art for the cause. Put on by Yosi Sergant’s Task Force, this Los Angeles show is 10 days of powerful programming, performances, immersive workshops, and a world-class art exhibition. This effort to call attention to our crisis in mental health is yet another example of artists, strategists, organizers, dreamers, and makers coming together to build momentum towards lasting change.

I contributed a Power Poster to the exhibition called “You Are Not Alone.” A simple reminder that we do not go through this life by ourselves. We are loved and we matter. All of us.

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We Rise: LA
May 18–27, 2019
Los Angeles, CA


Post-truth. Alternative facts. Propaganda networks. Confirmation bias. Cognitive dissonance. It’s all there. The Museum of Alternative History opens to the public Friday, June 1st. Part of the REALITY exhibition at KANEKO. Curated by Tim Guthrie with writing by Davis Schneiderman, performance by Doug Hayko, and I led the graphic design. We do, indeed, live in crazy times and this show fits right in.

The Museum of Alternative History: Redux

A selection of the fittest explanations for the nature of the world and universe, and alternate histories contrary to … well … history.

The inaugural exhibition opened on May 11th, 2013. Its 2nd coming is scheduled for Summer 2018. Curated by the one and only Tim Guthrie, this next exhibition is sure to be mind-bending, thought-provoking, agitating, and unusually weird. Given where America is at these days, in the age of alternative facts and blatant lies from the highest office in the land, The Museum of Alternative History will find itself right at home. And for museum goers in search of truth, maybe you’ll find some of that, maybe you won’t. Either way, probably best to leave your beliefs at home. 

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Still Standing

With 5 years worth of posters, the complete Appleseed Poster Show was on exhibition last week in South Omaha at the Bancroft Street Market put on by AIGA Nebraska. 54 posters by Nebraska designers for Nebraska Appleseed, a non-profit, nonpartisan public interest law firm that works for equal justice and full opportunity for all Nebraskans.

The prints, hand-pulled by Screen Ink in Lincoln, have been used to help tell the story of Appleseed and the people the organization helps. As well as to inspire others to stand up for justice in their own communities.

They’re a reminder that it only takes one person. One person is all that’s needed to write a letter, to call a Senator, to march for opportunity, to rally for equality. One person is all that’s needed to say no to discrimination, oppression, and indifference. To stand up for justice, it only takes one person. 

This year is Appleseed’s 20th anniversary. Looking ahead to the 6th year of posters, we want to make sure this one is extra special. We’re in early planning stages so if you’d like to lend your time and talent to the cause, hit me up.

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Actions Speak Louder

The 5th annual poster show for Nebraska Appleseed is ready to go. The posters, 10 in all, will be unveiled at The Good Apple Awards on October 22nd. The theme, probably one of my favorites, is “Actions Speak Louder.” Each poster is designed around a specific area of focus in Appleseed’s day-to-day work. Health coverage for everyone, quality jobs that pay living wages, and new immigration laws that keep families together are just a few. Excellent designs from some truly wonderful Nebraska designers, it’s sure to be quite a show. 

Design + Social Justice: Exhibition

The graphic design program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Department of Art and Art History is hosting a Design + Social Justice Symposium to be held September 15–16, 2015. It will examine the role of graphic design as a tool for organizing and communicating for social change. The featured guest speaker and visiting artist will be Emory Douglas, former Minster of Culture and graphic artist of the Black Panther Party. His powerful work will be exhibited at the Sheldon Museum of Art from September through early January. 

Exhibitions will also take place in Love Library from August 16th through October 30th. Black Panther Party historian and archivist Billy X Jennings will present an exhibition of radical underground newspapers from the 1960s and 70s. Suzun Lucia Lamaina will exhibit a collection of contemporary portraits and stories of former members of the Black Panther Party. My work will also be on display. Entitled Cause Poster, it’s a collection of graphic design activism for a variety of exhibitions, organizations, and causes. It’s the first time all of this work from 2005 to now has been together in one place. I’m very honored to be part of such an important event at the University. More information can be found on UNL’s site and Facebook page. Further details will also be posted here.

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