Poster: We All Need Room to be Human

For this year’s annual Good Apple Awards, the poster I designed is focused on prison reform. The design takes on the issue of overcrowding and the efficiency of treating people like they aren’t human.

Starting in 1619, slave ships crammed people into perfect configurations. Now it’s being done with cell blocks. A pattern of people with their hands up, outstretched, ready for inspection upon entry into prison. Is anyone able to let their guard down ever again?

For this issue, our list of demands:

  • reduce severe overcrowding

  • stop warehousing people

  • fewer people in prison

  • intentionally help people exit incarceration

Good Apple Awards
Thursday, October 10, 2019
Livestock Exchange Building Ballroom
Omaha, NE

I find perfect geometric patterns quite beautiful. And the maximized use of space comforting. But in this case, both the pattern and use of space represents a cold, calculated brutality.

It might seem logical to just say we should build more prisons. That misses the point entirely. Inspired by the Central Park 5, the New York Times 1619 Project, and Ramsay Bolton.