Paternity Leave

Friends. Some news. I’m now a dad. My wife and I are thrilled to be the parents of a wonderful baby girl. With that, despite America not having any paid family leave (this ain’t Sweden), after my wife’s maternity leave, I’m now taking over for the next couple months. Paternity leave, official! Looking forward to a different kind of adventure. This blog is taking a break for now, will be back in August after the summer fun. Until then, enjoy the sun.

Have a project for the fall? Drop me a line, my schedule will have some openings.

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Logo for America?

Hot tip: if you’re running for president and are in need of a logo fast, and you want to be bold and direct, here’s what you should go with. Ready? Do you have a pen? Write this down: Motherfuckin’ Franklin Gothic Std Condensed. This as a type logo is all you will need now and ever again. How is it that none of the other 20+ presidential campaigns thought to go with such a powerful type choice? If you want strength, this is your font. If you want no-nonsense, this is your font. If you want to look like you didn’t really make a decision but still need to make a decision, this is your font. What colors should you use? Whatever, it doesn’t matter. These letters will speak true no matter what palette you conjure up.

Anything else?

What my Twitter account is for: Redux

My Twitter account is meant for a not-too-distant future where fascism is fully unleashed on the country through an unelected totalitarian government of Republican anti-democratic zealots who ruthlessly silence dissent in all forms by shutting down livelihoods in whatever cruel way they so callously see fit and they will have no trouble combing through my vitriolic Tweets that contain all my rage directed toward the shadow spineless conman who has no business negotiating with a tea cup in this now our current unraveling present. I want my Tweets to make very clear I want no part in their bleak future of power hungry white men who deem it their duty to silence citizens, disregard the environment, and divide via whatever wall they can find.

Web Design Process: For Real

What we go through every time we design and build a great website:

  • Excitement!

  • Jubilation!

  • Getting Inspired

  • Designing Our Socks Off

  • Getting the Client Excited

  • Everyone Is So Happy

  • We’re Rolling Now!

  • Working Out All Features/Requirements

  • Approval! (High 5s)

  • Prepping for Dev

  • And Here We Go!

  • Developing Our Socks Off

  • Shepherding It Along

  • Dev Builds Oh My!

  • More Dev Builds

  • Working That Content in the CMS

  • It’s All Coming Together Now

  • Now We Wait…

  • And We Wait

  • Starting to Get Less Excited

  • Things Are Looking Good

  • Some Things Not So Much

  • Getting A Little Nervous

  • Where Are Things At?

  • Getting Less Excited Still

  • What the Hell?

  • It’s All Less Fun Now

  • Is This Ever Going to Be Done?

  • Getting Nervous About Everything

  • A Second Wave of Excitement!

  • We’re Close Now

  • No, We’re Not

  • I’m Sorry, What?

  • Oh Jesus Fucking Christ

  • I Thought This Was Approved?

  • Okay, We’re Good to Go

  • No, We’re Not

  • Light at the End of the Tunnel

  • The Tunnel Just Collapsed

  • How Many Months Has It Been?

  • Well This Budget Was Too Low

  • Kill Me Now

  • Is This Even Any Good?

  • Dear God.

  • Almost Done!

  • So Stoked to Share This One

  • Oh You’ve Got to Be Joking

  • Okay We’re Good!

  • No, We’re Not

  • Yes We Are!

  • No, We’re Not

  • So Close I Can Taste It

  • Fuck It.

  • I’m A Complete and Utter Failure

  • And We’re Live!

  • And. It. Is. Awesome.

  • So Stoked.

  • Bring on the Next One!

  • FIN

On Film

Oh that time in your life when you’re forming your foundational belief systems and structures for interacting with the world. Ages 19–23 let’s say. In my time, in addition to the books, music, booze, girls, and friends you’d lay on the tracks for, there was also film. And the films that stuck with me, the ones that touched my soul and shook my sensibilities, I owe them a lot.

  • Fight Club

  • The Big Lebowski 

  • Pulp Fiction

  • Amélie

  • The Royal Tennenbaums

  • The 400 Blows

  • Requiem for a Dream

  • The Matrix

  • Amores Perros

  • Run Lola Run

  • Trainspotting

  • Le Bonheur

  • The City of Lost Children

  • All About My Mother

  • 8 1/2

  • Metropolis

  • Dr. Strangelove

  • Donnie Darko

  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  • Adaptation

  • Office Space

Introvert Rejuvenation

I’m a designer. I work on teams. With clients. With collaborators. Creating projects with people to bring something new and exciting into the world. Which I absolutely love doing. But to recharge, to get centered, to get grounded, to replenish the well, I need to be alone.

I’m an introvert, big time. Being around people, even people I love, can be exhausting. I used to be ashamed of needing to be alone in order to recover. But I’ve grown to accept it. And with acceptance of your very real personality traits, you can begin to use them to your advantage. Nowadays I actively seek out my alone time instead of bumping into it at the point of exhaustion. Which makes for better rejuvenation and leads to higher quality people time when it’s time for that.