Fake Fake Fake just ain’t a game I play

Thinking back to that first press conference the president-elect gave. The one with the stacks of paper that turned out to all be blank. Just another dog and pony show for the masses.

That press conference gave us the first real sense we were about to go on a terrible ride. It was also the first time he used the term “fake news.” As we all know, fake news is a real thing. It’s a terrible thing we have to deal with on the internet, but for the most part it remained on the fringes or with weirdos on Facebook. But now we have a complete idiot taking the term for himself and using it to attack his enemies in the press. Who he refers to as the “enemies of the people,” which is absolutely disgusting. How there have been no real consequences to the now president for the use of these terms is something that should concern us all.

How is he allowed to get away with all of this? Why is it okay for him to operate in this way? Will there ever be any consequences for the language he uses?

Sadly, we may never know because we’re all too busy bracing ourselves for the next blow. And frankly, we’re all getting exhausted.

Small world, small minds, small life

Social media feels so small these days. And not in a “small is beautiful” type of way. Rather, it’s very confining. Closed off from the outside world. It doesn't smell like fresh spring air or coffee brewing in the morning. It doesn’t sound like a lovely melody, doesn’t carry a back beat. And if you need a hug, it can’t offer one. Sure, it does certain things very well. But others, the stuff that makes life so rich, social media falls far short.

Do you have a style?

I’ve been told I do. And then the other day, I was told I don’t really. Which I prefer. The person who told me knows what’s up too, so there’s that.

Expand Medicaid with No Delay

The citizens of this state voted to expand Medicaid so that more than 90,000 of our friends and neighbors could have access to health care. We did that. We voted for it. Now it’s time for our elected officials to implement the will of the votes. With no delay. The fact that this is an issue now, and the governor is dragging his feet, is a disgrace. The voters deserve better. Our democracy deserves better than the Republican Party.

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When the momentum of a solid idea brings it to life, carrying the work along, making it easy for you to push it forward. These are not trying times. These are the reasons to be alive.

Notes on a call

When presenting design work on a call with a client, speak clearly and intentionally. Don’t go too fast. And don’t assume all the lingo is universally understood. Also, while talking, hold the phone in your writing hand. This way, when you’re done, you switch hands and can take notes. If the call is long, your arm will start cramping and thus you need to mix it up. With a little luck, when you make the switch your writing hand is then ready for note taking.

What is my social media for?

My general disappointment with the social media platforms at my disposal can be whittled down to one word: power. Or lack thereof.

If the promise of social media is connection, I suppose that’s okay. But the real world is always better for connection than any screen can be. I have some close friends IRL and we barely have any digital interaction. Why? I suppose because the connection I feel on any number of social media platforms is so weak. The bonds created there are not strong. So as my disappointment has grown, the connection feature of the platforms matters to me less and less. Why I still stick around is power. And Influence.

The need to be heard, the need to share my work, my ideas, my rage. If what I share in search of power also brings connection, I’m okay with that. But if it’s just about connection, I don’t see any social media platform worthy enough to put time into in order to gain that benefit. I’d rather have a beer with you and shoot the shit. Outside of that, I’m sure you’re busy, I’m busy, blah blah blah.

These tools I use to push for a better, more progressive world. And they aren’t so great at doing that. But in the flux of the chaos of the day, I still see them as needed tools and I’ll continue using them as such. To simply connect to stay in touch or catch up, na. Let’s talk on the phone or at the bar or on a walk around the neighborhood. Or at the very least, a text or email direct is way better than a post put out into the ether. The types of things we’ll connect on I don’t want spied on or data-fied anyway. I’d prefer our conversation to be lost in the wind.

What I want these platforms to learn from me instead is the need for a united progressive agenda in order to make our country and our planet better for everyone. That’s what I use social media for.