Two Website Budgets

It’s obvious. It’s in the feel of it. One website was designed and developed by a professional who sweats the small stuff. The other just wasn’t.

Two Design Budgets

There are two types of budgets when it comes to design. One for the clients who want to make you work on their terms. The other for the clients who let you work on yours.

Suspicious of commercially successful art

Don’t let hyper commercialism turn you off from great art. So what if tons of people are listening/watching/enjoying something that used to be underground. Let it go, it’s still art.

Love. Empathy. Pluralism.

What we all need in our lives, both personally and collectively. There’s too much of us happening all over the place for love, empathy, and pluralism to not be a focus.

Do you have a style?

I’ve been told I do. And then the other day, I was told I don’t really. Which I prefer. The person who told me knows what’s up too, so there’s that.


When the momentum of a solid idea brings it to life, carrying the work along, making it easy for you to push it forward. These are not trying times. These are the reasons to be alive.