Paul Giamatti

Every two years, Film Streams brings a high-profile actor to Omaha for a fundraising event called Feature. Orchestrated by award-winning director and Film Streams board member Alexander Payne, this year we welcomed Paul Giamatti to the city. A very special evening at the Holland Performing Arts Center and the largest fundraising event to date for this cinema nonprofit.

Way back I remember seeing American Splendor at an arthouse theater in Lincoln. Such a great film. Made better by the magnificently skilled Paul Giamatti. I don’t really know what makes a great actor, but if I needed to point to an example of someone out there today making great films and TV shows, I’d go with Mr. Giamatti.

Paternity Leave

Friends. Some news. I’m now a dad. My wife and I are thrilled to be the parents of a wonderful baby girl. With that, despite America not having any paid family leave (this ain’t Sweden), after my wife’s maternity leave, I’m now taking over for the next couple months. Paternity leave, official! Looking forward to a different kind of adventure. This blog is taking a break for now, will be back in August after the summer fun. Until then, enjoy the sun.

Have a project for the fall? Drop me a line, my schedule will have some openings.

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Get the good gives feels!

Who doesn’t love giving to nonprofits who make their communities better? I certainly love it. And Omaha Gives! is one of the best times to do it. The Omaha metro’s 7th annual 24-hour charitable challenge is set for May 22nd. Head on over to the website to discover, dig in, and give. This year is another stellar example of event branding to help inspire the community at large to get involved. Led by Jake Welchert working with Daphne Eck and the team at the Omaha Community Foundation.

How many millions will be donated this year? Only time will tell.

Ann Willoughby: Designing a Life and a Career

A leading American voice in design is coming to Omaha. Ann Willoughby has taught, written, and lectured about the importance of women as design leaders in both business and as a social force. Have you heard of the Willoughby Design Barn? It’s awesome. Looking forward to seeing lots of people out for Design Alliance Omaha’s spring lecture. Special thanks to Ervin & Smith for the stellar event poster.

Ann Willoughby
Thursday, May 9, 2019 @ 7 pm
Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha

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Expand Medicaid with No Delay

The citizens of this state voted to expand Medicaid so that more than 90,000 of our friends and neighbors could have access to health care. We did that. We voted for it. Now it’s time for our elected officials to implement the will of the votes. With no delay. The fact that this is an issue now, and the governor is dragging his feet, is a disgrace. The voters deserve better. Our democracy deserves better than the Republican Party.

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There Is No Image

Sent to me via text by a good friend last Tuesday, February 19th:

I want to utter you, I want to portray you, not with lapis or gold, but with colors made of apple bark. There is no image I could invent that your presence would not eclipse.

Rainer Maria Rilke

We Have The Land

Bold visionary and hardworking Nebraskan Jane Kleeb has a new book coming out. It’s called We Have The Land and it sounds perfect for this moment. It will show the importance of rural voters to progressive politics, and of progressive politics to rural voters, partly by focusing on issues like climate change, healthcare, and grassroots powered activism. If you have a story to tell, head on over to the book’s website. For more on the book, there’s coverage in the Lincoln Journal Star.

And be sure to check out the Pipeline Fighters campaign for the design side of 7+ years of grassroots activist.