Anecdote: Brad, Kara, Don, Barack, and Chris

Brad Ashford, a Nebraska Democrat, was my congressman in 2014–16. He ran again in 2018 and everyone assumed he’d make it out of the primary. That was not the case. He lost to a more progressive candidate. A woman named Kara Eastman who brought new voters into the fold. She ultimately lost to a vanilla Republican named Don Bacon. He’s not a terrible racist like other House Republicans but he did vote to take health care away from millions of people, which is the main reason I despise him. I very much wish Kara would’ve won but NE-02 has been gerrymandered all to hell since its electoral vote went to Barack Obama in 2008. Republicans here, like the national party, are into rigging the system in their favor. In just this last election they got term limits on the ballot for Lincoln’s mayor, an office currently held by a Democrat. It passed and now the guy, Chris Beutler, who has led Lincoln into the 21st century with a big, bold vision can no longer run. Just goes to show you, today’s GOP, no matter where you go, is full of anti-democratic partisan hacks who either cheat or change the rules to stay in power. The whole party is fucking horrible and every last one of them should never be voted for ever, ever, ever again. #VoteDemocrat

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New Book: The Evening and The Owl

... as we sang out with the earth ... quiet, then loud ... loud, then quiet ... under the black sky as a human so small, so insignificant, so unable to effect much in the grand scheme of all these things. earth, sky, universe. at once a bright shining beacon, at once someone so common place, at once moving off into the twilight, at once an after thought. here we all were, an established group of stragglers, spouting off to and fro, out into the world landing where we landed without much of a second thought. and then we were gone. separated into the infinite void of space and time and memory. can you paint a single picture of your existence? do you even want to try? what will you force into a drawing you can actually read from a distance? what happens when you zoom in? are those lines refined or are those lines rough? what happens when everything explodes? from the big bang onward, how did we end up here? are we being looked after? are we crafting stories to put something up there overhead? does it comfort us? my alphabet never felt all that complete. it wasn’t enough. if it ever becomes enough, i’d be worried. these aren’t the times to be getting complacent. write your stories because they’re all we ever will have. write them now, and then be gone!

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Round and Round For Hire

The crew at Round and Round has officially launched a real, honest-to-goodness (Squarespace) website. Design in the ’Ha, yo. Putting the pieces together, ironed out into a cohesive presentation of information. Ya know, what websites do. Hire the team? Hire an individual? We’ll leave that to you.

A collaborative coworking space in midtown Omaha using design to help build a community where we all want to live.

The Dundee

As of December 1st, 2017, the Dundee Theater is once again, fully operational. And then some. Right at 50th & Dodge in midtown Omaha, the beautifully restored theater is ready to show more fantastic programming from Film Streams, serve food from Kitchen Table, and anchor a neighborhood already home to some notable tenants. Cupcake anyone?  

The project for me began in the summer of 2016 and it’s now coming to a close. Oh what a ride it’s been. Led by Film Streams and The Sherwood Foundation, working with Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture, Project Advocates, Lund-Ross, ASI Signage, and Wags Sign Co., the graphic design work included all signage, both inside and out. From the new marquee on Dodge all the way down to the tiny labels in the bookstore. Neon sign? Yep. Magnetic letters for programming? Of course. Tenant signage for the entire site? You know it. Throw in a silhouette of a ladder and a red balloon and there you go.

All in all, I’m extremely proud of this one. The theater itself is 92 years old. This latest manifestation created by the visionary architects of Alley Poyner Macchietto sets the stage for at least another 92. 

Here’s to another century of art films, independents, classics, documentaries, and definitely cartoons. Huge congrats to Rachel, Casey, Patrick, and the rest of the Film Streams staff. Because of them, the city has another gem in its cultural landscape.

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