Stand Up For Justice: The Book

Graphic design from the annual poster show organized by Justin Kemerling & Nic Swiercek

I’m very excited to share the culmination of a 6 year project. My time as organizer on the design side of the Nebraska Appleseed poster show now exists in book form:

From 2011 to 2016, Nebraska Appleseed hosted a social justice poster show. 62 posters in all, the designs are powerful tools for advocating for equal justice and opportunity for all. As a collection, the posters represent a hopeful view of what we can all do when we work together.

In 2011, when Nic Swiercek approached me about using poster design to help raise money for his nonprofit, I was certainly into the idea. Now looking back on six years of design work, spread over 148 pages, the end result is better than what we were hoping for at the outset.

As a project, it has allowed designers in the community to use their powers for the forces of good. Unveiled every year at Appleseed’s Good Apple Awards, it excited supporters as well as nonprofit leaders. It visually told the story of this organization and helped them raise money to support their very important work. And as a small-scale project, as an example of graphic design at its best, it can be replicated for years to come. Not only at Nebraska Appleseed, but with any nonprofit in the country who is into the idea.  

The poster show continues on, now organized by Colleen Syron. The designs this year were stellar and can be purchased online, including all past years, if still in stock.

We did try to get the book legitimately published with the help of Kendra Galante of Ervin & Smith. But alas, no luck. It’s available on Blurb with a hefty price tag. (Some of these discounts help a bit.)

Many, many thanks to all the designers who have donated their time and talent over the years. Their contributions make this book something very special.

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