Stand Up For Justice

The annual poster show hosted by Nebraska Appleseed to inspire people to stand up for justice in their communities. 

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WE: Katie and Justin Kemerling

Something Called Progress

The 6th annual Nebraska Appleseed Poster Show took place on October 13, 2016 in Omaha. 2016 was also the 20th anniversary of Nebraska Appleseed. Quite an achievement for an amazing organization who works tirelessly to make life better for all Nebraskans.

A big, big thanks to the designers who contributed their time and talent: Stacy Asher, Sean Heisler, Sam Vetter, Nicholas Burroughs, Amy Markham, Aaron Sutherlen, and Zack Post.

Reflect: Stacy Asher

Diversity Makes Us Great: Sam Vetter

The Window: Amy Markham

Close the Gap: Sean Heisler

A Nation: Nicholas Burroughs

Champion Truth: Aaron Sutherlen


Actions Speak Louder

The 5th annual Nebraska Appleseed Poster Show took place on October 22, 2015 in Omaha. After five years, each year’s collection continues to impress. This one is really quite magnificent.

Huge thanks to the designers who contributed their time and talent: Ashley Stephan, Jake Welchert, Jessica Smolinski, Kelly Engquist, Phyl Thomas, Nicolas Fredrickson, Dylan Moss, Justin Schafer, and Oxide Design Co. with Michael Stevens.


End Hunger in Nebraska: Ashley Rolf Stephan

Shelves: Jessica Smolinski

Family Is Strength: Phyl Thomas

OPEN: Dylan Moss

Just Getting By: Jake Welchert

Don’t Lose Sight: Kelly Engquist

Love by Actions & Truth: Nicolas Fredrickson

EVERY BODY: Justin Schafer

EQUAL: Oxide Design Co.

One Person Stands Up For Justice

For one night only, the 44 posters designed over the last four years by Nebraska designers for Nebraska Appleseed were on display to remind us that it just takes one person to say no to discrimination, oppression, and indifference. It was a wonderful evening and great to see amazing poster designs for a cause up for the first time together in one room. Read more on Medium.

Together We Rise

The 4th annual Nebraska Appleseed Poster Show took place on October 2, 2014 in Omaha. Another excellent collection of some really magnificent designs that carry the important messages of what Appleseed does every day in Nebraska.

A hearty note of thanks to the designers who designed a poster this year: Rachel Boshart, Donovan Beery, Liz White, Aaron Stubbe, Adam Casey, Cate White, Jesse Harding, Katie Condon and Anthony Banks.

This Wage Up: JKDC

Bloom: Liz White

Dropped: Donovan Beery

Walk A Mile: Aaron Stubbe

Welcome: Cate White

Ice Cream: Rachel Boshart

Dahlia: Adam Casey

Care for All: Katie Condon

Foster Care: Anthony Banks

Equality Before the Law: Jesse Harding

Toward A Just Society

The 3rd annual Nebraska Appleseed Poster Show took place on October 10, 2013 in Omaha. Eight designers created a beautiful collection of prints with proceeds going directly to Appleseed’s fight for justice and opportunity for all.

Many thanks to the designers who offered up their time and talent for the cause: Ellen WildeMatt CarlsonMiranda BouckCarrie RatcliffNicholas PetersonBen Lueders and Josh Schwieger.


Clear a Path: Matt Carlson

American Dream: Nicholas Peterson

Hi: Ben Lueders

Barriers: Ellen Wilde

Be Doing Things: Miranda Bouck

Future You: Josh Schwieger

Health Care Access: Carrie Ratcliff

Stand Up For Justice

In 2012, Nebraska Appleseed worked with Cathy Solarana to rebrand the organization. The 2nd annual poster show visualized the new mantra; to inspire people to Stand Up For Justice in their community. To tear down the obstacles of discrimination, oppression, and reckless indifference that keep the poorest of us poor and further weaken those among us who are vulnerable.

Many thanks to the designers who offered up their time and talent for the cause: Dave Markes, Kelsey Janda, Jeremie Memming, Liz Hunt, Craig Hughes, RDQLUS, Oxide Design Co., Doe Eyed and J. Curtis Rawlings.

Time of the Wolf: JKDC


Courage: Dave Markes

Stand Up For Justice: Jeremie Memming

We All Blend Together: Craig Hughes

With Liberty and Justice: Oxide Design Co.

We Can: Kelsey Janda

Win This World: Liz Hunt


Educate: Doe Eyed

DREAM: J. Curtis Rawlings

You’re Welcome in Omaha

A small set of posters part of a larger art exhibition. An evening event organized by Nebraska Appleseed to celebrate Omaha as a welcoming and inclusive community of all of its immigrant neighbors. Many thanks to the designers who participated: Tyson Reeder, Megan Merry, Joe Sparano, and Nicholas Burroughs.

Welcome to Omaha: Tyson Reeder

Petition: Joe Sparano

Standing Bear: Megan Merry

You’re Welcome in Omaha: Nicholas Burroughs

Stronger Together

Working with Nebraska Appleseed as they celebrated their 15th year, we organized a poster show to help raise money for the organization and to visually tell the story of their efforts to build a stronger Nebraska with the values of justice, equality, democracy, opportunity and community. 

Many thanks to the designers who donated their time: Cathy Solarana, Oxide Design Co., Paul Berkbigler, Peter Morris, Jake Welchert, Ella Durham, Sam Rapien, and Doe Eyed. The posters were beautifully screen printed by Screen Ink.

Stronger Together: JKDC


Justice: Cathy Solarana

Begins Next Door: Paul Berkbigler

≠ DIGNITY: Peter Morris

Community: Ella Durham and Sam Rapien

teachers: Doe Eyed

CommYOUnity: Oxide Design Co.

Work for Justice: Paul Berkbigler

This Is Home: Jake Welchert

Opportunity: Ella Durham and Sam Rapien


2011–2016: Community, Poster, Screenprint, Exhibition

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