Recap: 2017

Big challenges from the year?
Trying to find a balance on multiple fronts. The balance between making a difference and running a small business. The balance between creating something beautiful while in the midst of the disastrous political climate in America. The balance between love and fear, work and life, conviction and uncertainty, comedy and tragedy, going slow and going fast. 

Proud accomplishments from the year?
The Dundee Theater really is beautiful. Part of me still can’t believe it’s real. So much magic at 50th and Dodge.

You look back and smile?
Women running for political office. The Democrats working hard for change. People adding their voice. People standing up for public schools. People boldly realizing their vision. People trying to stop pipelines. People standing up for justice. People raising awareness. The power of the poster. The power of local music. The power of film. A state senator named Heath Mello. Film as an art form. All the beauty at The Union. Bringing back The Dundee. And those crazy guys at Round and Round and Round

You look back and cringe?
The state of America.

What next?
The primary focus of this year was Film Streams. A huge project that included branding, print, web, environment, and social. With it just about complete, looking to 2018, project work for the next few months is sure to be exciting. But there will also be more time made for recharging, exploring, experimenting, and contemplating. What exact form those words take in practice is a little uncertain but I’m sure it will be written about here.

As this year closes, let’s be sure to support our favorite nonprofits who continue to push for a better world. We need them now more than ever. And then let’s be sure we take some time off while we keep trying to find the balance. 

Godspeed, America. Wherever it is we’re going.