Protect The Vote, Always

Last night Nebraskans for Civic Reform hosted Jason Kander of Let America Vote at Love’s Jazz & Arts Center. An art and activism rally event to raise awareness and support to protect the right to vote in Nebraska.

That means no to any voter ID bill, no to closing down of polling places, no to messing with the right of students to vote, and on and on. Basically it comes down to this. One party is cheating. And the people, ALL people, are fighting back to make sure our democratic process is protected and ALL people are allowed to vote. No tricks, no obstacles, no more cheating.

The art side of the evening took the form of a small collection of posters designed to highlight various barriers to voting in our state; felon disenfranchisement, gerrymandering, voter ID, etc. Posters were designed by Kelsey Scofield, Matt Carlson, Jessica Smolinksi, Jesse Harding, Oxide Design Co., and myself. I did two posters because few things piss me off more than cheating people out of their constitutional right to vote. All money raised from poster sales goes to  Nebraskans for Civic Reform and their efforts to protect the voting rights of all citizens in our state.

Text VRA to 31996 to get involved. 

Voter fraud is not a thing.

View the posters here.