Graphic Design to Stop a Pipeline

In breaking news last Friday, President Obama rejected the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. In Nebraska, the fight to stop KXL was led by Bold Nebraska. I work with Bold on a regular basis doing design work for their online and offline efforts and since 2010 we’ve battled TransCanada’s dirty, tarsands project.

As the pipeline was elevated into national conversation, putting farmers, ranchers, tribes, and everyday people against Big Oil and the Republican party, we’ve had highs and lows. But in the fight to act on climate, to protect our land and water, and to stop this extreme pollution project, Friday was a day of great celebration. A huge victory of historic proportions that just goes to show you, if a small group of dedicated troublemakers come together to do the hard work needed to make change, that change is indeed possible. 

The Keystone XL used to be seen as inevitable. Just another fight the people will lose. The big corporation, in lockstep with our politicians, will win the day and we’ll go back to our homes defeated and a little more cynical. But that didn’t happen this time. This time, the people won the day. And you can be damn sure we’ll continue to be here, putting it on the line for people and planet. For the things we need to do now so we can ensure the future is bright. 

For now, that tarsands filth is staying in the ground and isn’t passing through Nebraska. Instead, we’ll be focusing on a clean energy future. A future by the people, for the people, for generations to come. And with all the pipeline fighters out there who will continue to play a part in the fight, we say to those on the side of Big Oil, bring on the next.