Session 6: The Strategic Plan

Two and a half months ago we set out to inform the public and promote the town through the formation of a new entity: the Schuyler Media Network. Katie and I have facilitated five sessions to this point and are now ready to turn over the strategic plan. Empowering our community with reliable, relevant and accessible information is the vision. From the beginning, the SWOT analysis set us up well and we feel the long- and short-term goals will get the town of Schuyler, Nebraska to that vision in five years.

Today is our last trip to Schuyler for our 2:30–4:00 session. It’s bittersweet for sure. Been a ton of pro-bono time and we’ve had to navigate the challenges of facilitating a group of volunteers already over-committed in their day-to-day responsibilities. But we know good things will come from their hard work. And it’s been a great pleasure to work on something like this with my extremely talented wife and her father, who is quite a force for good in the community.

I also have to say, dinner afterwards with Katie’s folks at one of Schuyler’s authentic Mexican food restaurants has been awesome. Many options, all great. Best burrito in Nebraska: the Burrito House. It’s the real deal.