How likely is it that you will take on this ridiculously urgent project?

I’m thinking about a widget for independent folks that answers that question clearly and honestly. I mean, I do like my fast and furious projects as much as the next guy, but sometimes, it’s just not possible given the current workload. This widget would take into account what’s in the queue, self-confidence level, amount of active creative juices, and how well the last urgent project went: 

  • Fuck-yeah-let’s-do-it!
  • It’ll cost a shit ton, but we can make it happen!
  • Okay, but we gotta focus this fucker.
  • Oi vey, maybe if it was for the President.
  • Seriously, no fucking way.

And there you have it. Simple and easy. The answer to one of life’s most pressing questions. Will iron out the kinks and let you know when it’s ready for primetime.