Write out your principles on paper

Before I set out on my own almost five years ago, I sat down and wrote out a list of 11 points. They framed how I was going to pursue my independent design. I shared them last week on a panel discussion. Today I’m adding another, as a shoutout to the strange folks I get to work with often in my day-to-day. They bring me much joy and make it all worth it, especially during tax time. 

I want to do work that:

  1. is part of things,
  2. experiments,
  3. delights,
  4. is optimistic,
  5. gives a damn,
  6. is community-minded,
  7. moves people to action,
  8. points us in a direction,
  9. picks a side / annoys certain people,
  10. makes things better,
  11. has heart,
  12. is free to be weird,