The Simplicity Trap

I love keeping it simple. Beautiful, delightful, memorable simplicity is one of my favorite things when it comes to design. As the client list grows and project variety changes, how I talk about the design work continues to be very important. The simplicity frame is always part of the conversation but it can become a crutch. The thing easy to fall back on as to why a certain direction is the way to go. I’m increasingly placing simple lower and lower on the list of attributes for an execution. One reason is I see simplicity as often misunderstood. The essence of simplicity I do think is right on but the word itself has been significantly weakened when it comes to design and too often a justification for the boring and uninspired. 

Please note: This critique is from a working designer who thinks simplicity needs to be brought back down to be an equal player with inspiring, beautiful, and unique. And in this case, no, simplicity doesn’t inherently mean inspiring, beautiful, or unique.