What America Needs

America needs to look forward if it truly wants to be great. It needs to embrace change because that’s how anything is able to evolve and stand the test of time.

America needs a sustainable, clean energy future so we all don’t choke on our own dirty sludge. But we can’t because one side insists global warming is a hoax.

We need a robust, modern democracy so our society can work for as many people as possible. But we can’t because one side is fighting to keep marginalized groups from voting.

We need to provide health care for all our citizens so everyone can live a healthy life to its fullest potential and not end up bankrupt. But we can’t because one side refuses to do anything with health care that involves the biggest player: the United States government.

We need a culture that puts people’s lives above gun rights. We need to establish full gender equality and close all the gaps that need closing: wage, opportunity, achievement, etc. And to do all that we need to have a real discussion with the many, many voices in America. This requires having at least two (maybe more) political parties in our government who are serious about governing in present-day reality.

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