Takeaway 9/11

What if we could? What if we could scratch it from our history? Just remove it. The catastrophic event so tragic for a nation, typically the purveyor of large scale tragedies since our very beginning. So much of our existence in these 2000s have been defined by our collective shock, trauma, and fear by September 11, 2001. If we could simply cut it out, like you would a tumor, how would we be different? How would we look today without the weight of that epic day, that generation defining tragedy, no longer the heavy burden around our necks as we try to trudge forward?

Paternity Leave

Friends. Some news. I’m now a dad. My wife and I are thrilled to be the parents of a wonderful baby girl. With that, despite America not having any paid family leave (this ain’t Sweden), after my wife’s maternity leave, I’m now taking over for the next couple months. Paternity leave, official! Looking forward to a different kind of adventure. This blog is taking a break for now, will be back in August after the summer fun. Until then, enjoy the sun.

Have a project for the fall? Drop me a line, my schedule will have some openings.

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Logo for America?

Hot tip: if you’re running for president and are in need of a logo fast, and you want to be bold and direct, here’s what you should go with. Ready? Do you have a pen? Write this down: Motherfuckin’ Franklin Gothic Std Condensed. This as a type logo is all you will need now and ever again. How is it that none of the other 20+ presidential campaigns thought to go with such a powerful type choice? If you want strength, this is your font. If you want no-nonsense, this is your font. If you want to look like you didn’t really make a decision but still need to make a decision, this is your font. What colors should you use? Whatever, it doesn’t matter. These letters will speak true no matter what palette you conjure up.

Anything else?

The Next Slew of Game Shows for America

Hey. So apparently there’s a new game show where college grads crushed with student loans have the chance to win enough cash to pay off their debts. Why stop there? How about we create games shows to solve all our problems and enflame our political divisions. Here are some we could do next:

  • Let’s Get You Some Health Care!

  • Name That Climate Change Catastrophe

  • The Price Is Tax Cuts for the Rich

  • The 10 Trillion Dollar War

  • Wheel of White Grievance

  • Press Your Execution Button

  • Whose Vagina Is It Anyway?

Together, with a solid game show concept, there’s no limit to the problems we’ll be able to solve.

My Presidential Short List

Top 5 Candidates

Here are my favorites to be the next president:

  • Kamala Harris

  • Elizabeth Warren

  • Cory Booker

  • Pete Buttigieg

  • Beto O’Rourke

The state of things

Was asked recently how I’m feeling about things. State of the world stuff. And if I’m being honest, I’m not feeling too good. Why? Because what the fuck is happening out there?

The very idea of democracy, the thing that has driven America since its founding, is under full-on assault. Leading to this point, it of course hasn’t been utilized to its fullest, but it seemed like we, especially over the last few decades, were generally on its team. We were rooting for it to win, and collectively thought when it won the day it would be a universally celebrated good thing. But now, I don’t think that’s true. Not at all.

We have a large anti-democratic force in America. It doesn’t care about you, it doesn’t care about me. It only cares about its own blood thirsty power. It doesn’t want truth, it doesn’t want voting rights, it doesn’t want checks and balances. This is an ugly force. It’s mean and it’s nasty. If it could, it would sell you for a pittance just to see you weep for your sorry state.

Yes, it is the force of Trump. And the dark force that surrounds him. It hates our democratic institutions, a free press, common decency, and the shared norms we all used to think worthy of practicing. None of that matters for this dark, ugly, anti-democratic force currently in power in America. It only wants to manipulate, steal, lie, and use its power for its own ill-gotten gains. And not enough of us citizens care.

We are living in absurd times, marked by the loss of a common understanding of where we all live, and because of that, when we speak to each, we mumble no more than nonsense, ending in a ever spinning cycle of failing to understand, and failing to understand, and failing to understand, and failing to understand…

The brand promise of Trump America is a lie

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Setting out with hundreds of millions of his father’s money along with the help of tabloid journalism and primetime television, it was easy for Trump to be whatever he wanted to be. It would be easy for anyone to be whatever he or she wanted with that much on their side. Smoking makes you a man and Donald Trump is out for the little guy. Both have been believed in the core being of millions of people. Both are not true.

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