Culture Break: 06/18

The second installment in an ongoing monthly series on the cultural things that break through the noise and touch the soul.

Dear White People v.2
TV SHOW — Oh this show. I was way into the first season. There were episodes that after ending I would just sit there, a little stunned. Some of the issues in the show remind me of my college experience, some not so much, and some seem so messy and complicated I’m just trying to keep up. It’s beautifully composed, timely and timeless. One of those shows that’s fun to watch and feels important at the same time.

Print to Resist
WEBSITE — There is power in a poster. For what it says and what it leaves out. In a time when our rights are worth fighting for and our voices must be heard, the Print to Resist gallery is a powerful resource for standing up for what we believe in.

Revisionist History Season 3
PODCAST — Need a podcast recommendation? This one is my favorite. Malcolm Gladwell assembles some of the most thought-provoking breakdowns of tough subjects I’ve ever heard. From this season, the episodes on memories are absolutely mind-blowing.

Death & Co
BOOK — Hobbies are good to have. And as I try to fuse my love of fine liquor, precise craftsmanship, and following the directions closely, my wife got me a beautiful book full of what I can only assume are the best cocktail recipes in the world. Would you like something shaken or stirred? Whiskey or gin? Up or on the rocks? 

The Ultimate CCR Playlist
PLAYLIST — There I was, in the desert, barreling down the freeway in a rented Ford Focus on my way to Moreno Valley by way of Palm Springs. Cutting through mountains, dipping into valleys, windows all the way open, speeding past semi-truck after semi-truck under that beautiful California sun, the radio cranking that urgent, visceral vocal that made me think of another time when America was teetering on the precipice of collapsing national values in the midst of a crisis of confidence so large the fullness of Creedence was the only thing that could help a troubled soul tolerate the fever pitch of injustice after injustice because it’s for damn sure I’m no fortunate son either. 

Father John Misty, God’s Favorite Customer
ALBUM — Overly dramatic. Self absorbed. Kinda whiny. These are some of my own least favorite qualities, not things I look for in my music. But the new Father John Misty is so good. It’s so very Father John Misty and I find myself completely captivated and unable to stop listening. It’s honest. These days, that’s all I can ask for.

Anthony Bourdain, WTF
PODCAST — Like a lot of people, I was stunned by the news of Bourdain’s death. Shook me hard. The following day Marc Maron posted his interview with him from 2011. A wonderful conversation about life, work, failure, struggle, and adventure.  

MAGAZINE — Beginnings. Stress. Darkness. These are the themes of the first three issues of a publication that explores and celebrates the risks people take in the process of creating something original and worthwhile. It’s absolutely beautiful. The design is impeccable and the stories compelling. It’s a reminder of why the Internet is a poor substitute for reading and why print will never die.

Eric Wareheim’s Instagram Account
WEIRDNESS — Few things on social media are better than posts like this. I’m not super familiar with the antics of Mr. Wareheim, aside from his role on Master of None, but I will say I’m certainly a fan.