Still Standing

With 5 years worth of posters, the complete Appleseed Poster Show was on exhibition last week in South Omaha at the Bancroft Street Market put on by AIGA Nebraska. 54 posters by Nebraska designers for Nebraska Appleseed, a non-profit, nonpartisan public interest law firm that works for equal justice and full opportunity for all Nebraskans.

The prints, hand-pulled by Screen Ink in Lincoln, have been used to help tell the story of Appleseed and the people the organization helps. As well as to inspire others to stand up for justice in their own communities.

They’re a reminder that it only takes one person. One person is all that’s needed to write a letter, to call a Senator, to march for opportunity, to rally for equality. One person is all that’s needed to say no to discrimination, oppression, and indifference. To stand up for justice, it only takes one person. 

This year is Appleseed’s 20th anniversary. Looking ahead to the 6th year of posters, we want to make sure this one is extra special. We’re in early planning stages so if you’d like to lend your time and talent to the cause, hit me up.

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