So, BarCamp was hella fun

This was my first BarCamp. Not exactly sure why, but it just hasn’t been on my radar in years past. For #BCO15, Jake Welchert and myself had a special role to play. We were asked by AIGA Nebraska to be this year’s new design partner. It’s a role Grain & Mortar has typically filled, making some truly amazing brands over the last few years. But as with any good idea that evolves over time, new partners are eventually needed.

We executed the work as Round and Round with Jake taking lead on the project. From the initial brand to the BarCamp 2015 website, all the way through to posters, stickers, buttons, and Ts, I’m really stoked on how everything turned out. For my part, I committed to doing a talk. It ended up being about the importance of knowing what you don’t like. In the spirit of the event, I tried to make it insightful, fun, and a little weird, all at the same time. 

Taking place at The KANEKO, starting promptly at 8AM and moving at a brisk pace, remaining on schedule from morning to afternoon, by 4PM, feeling quite spent but oh so inspired, I thought to myself, what an impressive showing of community. It’s a wonderful thing seeing such a committed group of volunteers, supported by some amazing sponsors, and a large room full of energized unconference-goers. All the friendly faces are a nice bonus as well. Nicely, nicely done Omaha.