Do Not Like This

At BarCamp 2015 on August 29th at The KANEKO I gave a 20-minute talk about the importance of knowing what you don’t like. A practical (and somewhat cathartic) guide to productivity (and maybe joy). When you have good reasons and know precisely why you don’t like something, it not only helps you focus priorities and manage your time better, but it helps you to know what you really love. Love being more profound and powerful than what you like. Very much a talk about not being neutral and not just passively liking everything you come into contact with. For the people out there who find beauty everywhere and something special in everything. When done well, it is okay to be vocal about what you don’t like, even if you’re only being vocal with yourself. 

Special comment: This was not a talk for moody hipsters who think everything sucks, nothing is ever good enough, and shit on anything anyone creates because it’s what they do. I have no patience for that view of the world anymore.