Posters for Change: The Book

Princeton Architectural Press has a beautiful new book out called Posters for Change. I have a couple designs in the collection. It’s a book Shepard Fairey has said some nice things about it:

Using our voices, not only to call out the injustices happening right now, but to empower creatives to amplify a spirit of resistance and unity, is essential medicine. This collection of protest posters showcases bold and impactful graphic design with a message, which is always something I can stand behind!

Having received 800 submissions from around the world, the best 50 are presented in a large format book with tear-out pages. You can buy the book at or wherever books are sold online or in stores. There’s been some nice press coverage as well:

Press via The Guardian »
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In the afterward, Avram Finkelstein writes:

Physical posters in physical spaces have a power that exceeds the evanescence of internet messaging. The poster comes for you where you live.