Omaha Gives! (Big)

The 5th annual charitable challenge for the city of Omaha was on a Wednesday this year. I started the day by listening to the news and hearing the details of the Trump budget that cuts an insane amount of money from heath, education, and environment programs designed to help those in our society who are struggling. So the juxtaposition was motivating considering I could respond to this horrible budget by donating a bunch of money to nonprofits in our community who do great work. It doesn’t change the fact that Trump and Republicans will stop at nothing until the parts of our government that help people are decimated. But I digress.

During Omaha’s 5th annual 24-hour charitable challenge, more than $7.83 million was raised for 923 nonprofits with 52,886 donations. Over the five years of the event, 200k donations have totaled more than $35 million. Money that goes to important nonprofits who are doing crucial work. Having participated in the event since it started and being the design partner for the last 4 years working with Omaha Community Foundation to get people excited about donating, it’s quite an inspiring thing to see.

The way we all celebrate giving, the way we work together to help others, and the way we recognize sharing is better than taking. Until next year, remember, there’s plenty to go around and there’s only so much we can do individually. After all, it takes a village to make sure the village is the best it can be.