Potential Topics

  1. Oversell, Undersell (Trying to find a balance.)
  2. On the News (If I didn’t design, I’d study media.)
  3. Hustle, Scratch That (I’m so tired of hearing about “the hustle.” It’s total crap.)
  4. The First Black Bachelorette (Yeah, I watch The Bachelorette with my wife, what of it?)
  5. This too shall pass. But will it? (On our current state of affairs.)
  6. The First Dotty Old Racist President (I mean, he’s the fucking worst.)
  7. On Preferences (We think we know best, but do we?)
  8. On Criticism (If you think you can get anywhere without it, you’re sorely mistaken.)
  9. I Miss You, Barack (America sucks right now. I know, I know, didn’t it always?)
  10. What do you want to spend most of your time thinking about?
  11. On Bullshit (I think we all need to turn up our self-assessing bullshit meters. I mean, have you listened to us lately?)
  12. The 12 Apostles (Kidding!)
  13. Superstitions (Why are these still things?)
  14. Optimal Length Podcast (Why go longer than 45 minutes? Why?)
  15. DAMN. (Album of the decade.)
  16. Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever slept?
  17. Trying to have it all gets in the way (Definitely.)

These and other topics are things I’m thinking I should write about. But I’m just not very much in a writing mood. So instead, they exist as pithy little 1-liners. At least for now.