Feeling So Grateful

Independent design, five years and counting. Design for progressive changemakers and do-gooders. Design with inspirational people who make it happen. Design as activism, entrepreneurship, citizenship, art, and expression. Design to get good things done.

Right now, I’m just feeling grateful for everything that goes into making this independent design business work. The rock-solid support of my wife Katie. The amazing clients I get to do work for. The amazing collaborators I get to do work with. A community, on multiple fronts, that has welcomed me with open arms. Whether nonprofit, startup, civic, or institutional, all have made me feel very much at home. As does a design community that values friendship more than winning. 

The work over these last five years is something I’m extremely proud of. Those TED Talk slides on Filter Bubbles. All that graphic design for President Obama’s re-election campaign. Helping a civic startup in the Midwest gain traction. Organizing all those posters for justice. Manifesting Justice and Equality in Los Angeles. Stopping that goddamn pipeline. Uniting art and community in North Omaha. Helping raise millions of dollars for Omaha nonprofits. And on and on. And now thinking, making, and collaborating on Action Backed, Round and Round, Tiperosity, and Design Alliance Omaha.

Yes, very grateful. To be here at this moment in time. In this creative, supportive community, working alongside some pretty remarkable people. What the next five years will bring is anybody’s guess. What I’m planning for, with what these last five years have taught me, is a meandering journey. One to be approached with an open mind, thoughtful interactions, and a fierce work ethic. I’m hoping for a bit more balance and a more intentional line between life and work. The work itself will remain focused on moving people to action, making our community better, and creating beautiful, inspiring design. And in the interest of keeping it interesting, special emphasis will be put on making things with weirdos

A final note of thanks goes out to all the people who I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. You’re so damn good at what you do. You inspire me on so many levels. And you’re stubborn enough to make anything possible. Because of you, what comes next is sure to be something worth shouting about. Let’s get to it.