Design + Social Justice Symposium

The graphic design program at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln’s Department of Art and Art History announces a Design + Social Justice Symposium. 

This is happening in less than a week. The Love Library Exhibitions have been up since mid August. Yesterday, I led a cause poster workshop for Advanced Graphic Design students. The work of Emory Douglas opens in the Sheldon on Friday with his lecture happening next Tuesday. And the Love Library Panel Discussion is next Wednesday. I’m really excited to be part of such an important event at the University. From the Art college:

The events and exhibitions of the symposium will highlight the visual communications, stories and portraits of revolutionary social movements and will examine how graphic design is a tool for organizing. The graphic artifacts that will be exhibited represent the role of art as a revolutionary force and how art and design can communicate about a need for social change. The symposium will examine the role of graphic design in creating messages that promote civil and human rights, preservation of the environment, and advocacy of equal opportunity.

Design + Social Justice Symposium
September 15–16, 2015
University of Nebraska–Lincoln