Looking Ahead 5 Years From Now

The work continues. In our 3rd session this afternoon we’re going to discuss the progress made by the group last week on a vision statement for the Schuyler Media Network. Katie and I feel we have a couple very strong directions on the overall vision. Connected, empowered, responsive, reliable. All excellent word choices in the mix for what this network could be. To get there, in the 2nd session we divided the group into two teams. In them, with folks feeling a little more comfortable expressing themselves, we heard great discussion and debate. And now, time to get some consensus. 

From there, we’ll look more at the goals needed for getting to the vision. To help focus that part of the session, we’ve established a few goal types including revenue goals, community adoption and usage goals, and website traffic goals. We want to keep looking long-term but also start to consider short-term goals. After today, we have a big break in the action where Katie and I will pull everything together to start to solidify some elements of the strategic plan. And then we’ll pick it up again in three weeks in the 4th session where we’ll firm up the group’s collective thinking.