Who gets in our way the most?

A simple question. One that when properly answered opens up the flood gates of possibility. I’ve noticed with myself and other folks who work in creative fields, there’s a barrier that can exist when it comes to executing ideas. This barrier has been defined, in my experience, as the budget, the client, the timeline, or the brand standards. Even the general feeling of drabness that may come with a particular project. It may just not be all that fun, and therefore the resulting work created is, for lack of a better phrase, not all that fun.

This thinking, that some outside person, or some outside force, is getting in the way at some level is complete and utter bullshit. What’s really getting in the way is us. We get in our way the most. We make the excuses, we drop the ball, we determine the resulting lack of creativity in a project. Every single thing that is approached with an open mind, a stubborn attitude to not let something be inadequate, and a fierce understanding that whatever we are working on can be really, really great can indeed be really, really great.

Remember to get out of our own way and let’s make something beautiful together, always.