What I know now vs. what I knew then

This may seemed contrived. I do think I’m far too young to have this sort of wishy-washy BS of a post come through my blogroll as something I’d put out there into the professional design world. If I only knew then what I know now as an idea has always annoyed me. It seems over-used and not all that compelling.

However, something keeps coming up in how I think about design that’s different to how I used to think about it. Now, versus then, I know how to get things done. That’s big. Without that, you need more time, more help, account service, more money, salesmen, more options, project management, and so on. Without knowing how to get things done you are lost in a wilderness of either endless creativity or endless revision. 

I know how to get things done. And I’m confident in that. Probably the biggest difference from young Justin to older Justin. Having gotten better at getting things done over the years has meant the difference between just carrying on and actually completing something. Once complete, it’s then on to the next.