How to be a good designer

I think this could potentially be a longer post for Medium. (Like this one.) But for the time being, a short blog will do.

This might have originated from a late night conversation with Joe Sparano about how there just aren’t that many 45-year-old designers. Lots in their 20s and 30s, but 40s, hmmm. Design is a young person’s game. Seemingly. So how do we design our careers for effective longevity? I think a lot of it goes into these 4 points that have made me a decent designer currently:

  1. Every single bit of feedback and critique is helpful. 
  2. If you aren’t wrong now, you will be.
  3. Learn, adjust, adapt, and do NOT stand still.
  4. Know what you want the world to look like in 5 years.

I think these 4 points are what make you a good designer. Not talent or location. Not your personality or the clients you have. Perhaps I’ll add to this list or think more deeply about each point. But for now, if you want to be a good designer, get familiar with these.