What are you doing to attract dream projects?

For the most part, I work with nonprofits, activists, and other creatives on progressively minded projects. For some sort of social cause. After 6 years of being independent, that’s expanded to include interesting startups, a University, and other small businesses I think are rad.

I really think small is beautiful. And local is beautiful since I do care about this place where I live. Small Omaha projects are just as engaging as bigger, national things. And often more rewarding because of how the work is used in the community. I’m just not all that into big brands.

Film and music and other culturally interesting efforts I enjoy and hope to do more by being more aggressive in approaching the people I really want to work with, rather than just letting the work come to me. 

So to answer the question, I share the type of work I want to do more of. I write about that type of work and I have strong opinions about that type of work. And I’m out in the community participating in that type of work with the people who are making those types of projects happen.