Is there a job out there that has it all?

No, I’m going to say “no” firmly and hold to it. The quest for the perfect job is certainly a noble one. There was a time when I was obsessed with that quest. With establishing my criteria on multiple fronts and trying to get stars to align. The problem was that it became a quest for perfection. It was less about a new experience and more about finding the thing I was meant to do. This thinking became a trap and I was rendered immoveable until I finally just went for something.

I’m not saying you should make job decisions willy-nilly and jump to the next thing whenever it suits you. But I am saying to not be concerned with making sure a particular job has everything you’re looking for and will be a sure bet. There are no guarantees and no job is perfect. Whether you’re building your own business or with a stellar firm doing the type of work you want to be doing, there are always things missing. Always drawbacks. Look at a job as an opportunity to grow, change, and to be surprised by things you currently know nothing about.