What are we waiting for?

Being impulsive all the time just isn’t practical. Sometimes you can’t do something because there are too many things standing in the way—time, commitments, money, etc. But lately I’ve been asking myself more and more What are we waiting for? When it comes to the things we really want to do and we’re saying to ourselves we’ll do them someday, why is that? There may be good reasons, but there may also be made up reasons. Ones that are needlessly holding us back.

I wanted for so long to work as an independent designer. It took me seven years of working professionally before I finally did it. Maybe the timing was just right, but maybe it could’ve happened sooner. I remember lots of barriers I put up around the decision that stood in the way that were just made up reasons not to do it. When it came down to it I was afraid. Of that thing I really wanted not being something I would be able to do. And now it’s five years later. Looking at the next five, what else am I waiting for? We don’t have all the time in the world. The years seem to only be speeding up and if we want to make something happen, to really get after it, then we better get to it.