How do you make any money?

Went to the bank the other day to make some deposits. The teller asked me what I did. I said design. He asked who for. I said a lot of non-profits. He asked how I make any money. I said good question. Everybody has a budget. And to make that budget possible, how I approach potential work includes this very important point: Most of my projects exist within the delicate balance between professional rates and nonprofit budgets. I do what I can to make the process as efficient as possible to ensure expert design is accessible to clients with limited resources. I don’t do things for free but I am accommodating. The work I want to do requires that. But it also needs clients who don’t act like they’re operating with endless funds. It may seem like it would be limiting to function in that type of relationship but honestly, it’s quite liberating. It leads to good work for people who appreciate the end result. And I can still make the money needed to run an independent design business.