Vote Dems

On average, I am furiously outraged at the news 6–72 times a day. I am tired of the corruption and incompetence. I have had it with all the lies and deceit. And I can’t take anymore the idea that all our collective futures are getting ruined because the people in charge of our government are enacting some truly horrible policies with ramifications that will be with us for decades.

Despite all of that, and even setting aside the racism, sexism, and overall hateful bigotry of the current administration, there’s really only one reason that should compel someone to vote for the other political party. And that reason is this:

Checks and mothafuckin’ Balances, people!

Without checks and balances, power is abused. Without checks and balances, the worst is possible. Without checks and balances, our institutions cannot fulfill their promise of liberty and justice for all of us. I think this is one of the simplest ideas in all of the world. If you want large entities like government to work, you cannot have unchecked power. It leads to disaster.

So with that, if for no other reason, to restore checks and balances to our political ecosystem, VOTE DEMOCRAT!