The Work Archive

The ever-evolving presentation of my core online web presence—the JKDC portfolio site—has just pushed a small update of note. The Work section of this site, which showcases the primary function of my day-to-day (client work), has been given an archive.

Since I launched this site, “Work” has always included everything, for the most part. A timeline of my career of cause-focused design. From 2005 until now. But as with anything that involves a decade, things pile up. So starting with some stuff from 2012 and going backwards, I’ve made a little Archive. For the oldies and the goodies. Still there, because I still see those projects as being very important to the formation of my design practice, but less emphasized so what’s on the homepage is more current. And a little more representative of the types of projects I’m really wanting to do more of.

The Work Archive, full of unbridled youth, bright-eyed optimism, and a healthy disregard for the “right” way to do things. Enjoy!