The New American Boogeyman

Here we have a man. A man who has been given all the advantages in the world, including huge amounts of wealth, through cheating and fraud. He did not earn this wealth. He was privileged to it, because he is white and his father was very rich. This man now sits atop a government of suspicion and division. An ineffective government to be sure, but one so ineffective it’s reverberating disaster in many areas of our public life that will be with us for decades. And this man, so weak in his leadership, so steeped in his racism and bigotry, he cannot lead by example. No great speeches, no unity, no examples of appealing to our better nature. No, instead, he chooses to attack the most vulnerable, the most powerless, those without a voice, without a home, without a country. I give you the new American boogeyman: the refugee. 

Careful which side you pick in all this, you’ll be judged for it.