The Creativity Whirlwind

If I’m not frantically trying to get it all done, I’m not doing enough.

If I’m not sweating an urgent deadline, I’m not doing enough. 

If I’m not pushing the design to the edge, I’m not doing enough. 

If I’m not worrying about something, I’m not doing enough.

These are things, I think, all designers say to themselves. Creative designers, who must work 12 hours a day, who must fail regularly in order to succeed, who must tear the work apart before it can get better. All because the designer loves what he or she does and all in order to make sure the work is the best it can be. They go through all of this, a tried and true process from beginning to end. And when over, the designer, hopefully, can start it all over again with another badass client. If the designer is any good that is.

Or maybe, the designer gets in around 9:30 and leaves at 5:00. He or she sticks to a process for the most part, strays when necessary, and gets things done in a timely fashion. The work is inspired and steady. You can tell it’s meant for day-in, day-out creativity. The teams are like-minded enough where mutual respect is a mainstay and expectations are reasonably human. And when the process starts over again, it ebbs and flows, with the potential to be uncertain and even slowed down as needed. Which is more than okay. This path of creativity, ideas, and making shit happen is meant for a very long road of discovery and beauty.   

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