Skins, Thick and Thins

Design is contentious I’m sorry to say. Any time you make something out of nothing with intention and not randomness, there are right ways and wrong ways to go about it. And at the time of inception, it may not be clear which is which. So smart people work together to try and figure it out. Smart people, hopefully with a point of view.

This means that agreement is not always had. Alignment not 100%. Smooth sailing, rare. Design usually comes with options. A client offers up opinions on what they do not like. Designers fight for what they believe is right. It’s a process. In the thick of it, tensions can get high, deadlines need to be met, uncertainty is common.

That’s just how it is. We are here to make it happen. There are those adult coloring books out there for those with thin skins. If you want to make something great to move people to action, then let’s get to it. Feelings may get hurt along the way, but it isn’t personal. It’s work, and it needs to get done. A reminder for designers and clients alike.