Round and Round (and Round) Year 2

Days go by. The world keeps spinning. And we keep going round. The end of 2016 marks the completion of the 2nd year at our midspace of makers in the heart of Omaha. Our little experiment with independent design coworking continues to be quite exciting. We’re working with some amazing changemakers and do-gooders. The projects are challenging and engaging. The music is still loud. The laughs fairly original. And the way that none of it feels all that much like work is still palpable. We do want to have an open house at some point. Maybe we can make that happen in year 3. 

Regardless, we’re looking to 2017 with heightened ferocity. We have all been shocked and dismayed by election 2016. But we certainly are not ready to go quietly into the night. Instead, we’re going to get after it, in the only way we know how. By rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. But first we’re taking a couple weeks off to recharge. Enjoy the downtime, and we’ll see you in 2017.

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