Round and Round and Round

In its 2nd year, our midspace of makers worked hard to make shit happen in 2016. And found its third Round. Also, T-shirts!

L–R: Adam, Justin, Jake. Type by  Micah Max . Printing by  Little Mountain Print Shoppe .

L–R: Adam, Justin, Jake. Type by Micah Max. Printing by Little Mountain Print Shoppe.

Large signage completed. Gold figure by Bart Vargas hung prominently. The sink in the back flowed like a dream. Day pass system operational. In 2016, we were extremely busy on new client projects and collaborating. We learned from each other and took plenty of risks. We partnered with a few non-profits who do really amazing work in our community when it comes to organizing neighborhoods, keeping Omaha beautiful, making homes healthy, and fostering the Nebraska music scene. We also worked with a restaurant group on their new fleet of websites. A huge, collaborative project with lots of new photography and video assets we executed in our typical roll-up-our-sleeves, do-it-ourselves fashion. We hosted a couple events and even ended up on a podcast talking about design.


Looking to 2017, wireframes are in the works for our new website. We’re thinking about hosting more events. And there are plans for more gold and more things involving posters. Same great location in historic Dundee, now with more snacks. If you’re in the neighborhood, drop in and say hi at 5013 Underwood Ave. If you’re interested in working out of the space, hit me up.

A collaboration with Jake Welchert and Adam Casey.

2016: Collaboration, Self-Initiated Project, Brand

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