Round And Round

Everything is on wheels at an intersection of old and new, thinking and making, independence and collaboration, start and end. A midspace of makers working hard to make shit happen.

Jake and myself began talking about a coworking space at the end of 2013. At the end of 2014, after much heavy-lifting and manual labor on Jake’s part, we were ready to start our journey into independent coworking. We kicked things off with a Rotator ideation session and began formally working out of the space in Midtown Omaha on January 1st, 2015.  

We branded the space Round and Round and established its attributes: circulating, iterative, collaborative learning, taking shape, in-the-middle, in-progress, interactive, committed, efficient, principled, working on the “next.”

We felt to fully take advantage of our city, we needed a space where independent creatives could come together to work, learn, and enjoy their careers. Working independently can be isolating and repetitive, leading to stale, uninspired ideas. Working from home can come with a lack of motivation and moments of distraction. 

A dedicated space comes with a mutual participation in the everyday activity of creative work. Being in an inspired space is key for creative expression. There’s the potential to share ideas, gain outside insight, and partner on projects together.


We work as independents and collaborate when a project calls for it. As young experts in our fields, we work hard and deliver in a process that’s focused, flexible, and accomodating.
We’re trying something that’s a little new. Our mindset going in is open to iteration, trial and error, and making things happen in a learning environment.

We think this is important because:

  • This is about creating work that’s better
  • This is a place to learn from others
  • This is about exploring and taking risks
  • Whatever we’re thinking it is
  • There’s only so much 1 person can do
  • There’s something about being in the middle
  • The right environment can be the difference between mediocre and great

We’re in early stages. If you’re in the neighborhood, drop in and say hi at 5013 Underwood Ave. Maybe we'll put you on a poster. If you’re interested in working out of the space, hit me up.

A collaboration with the mighty Jake Welchert.

2015: Collaboration, Self-Initiated Project, Brand, Video

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