Reliable, Relevant, Accessible

Katie and I think we’ve arrived at our vision statement. In our last session for the Schuyler Media Network, there was a lot of conversation on how we were defining a few key terms. This afternoon we’re going to break things down a little more and look at what the words reliable, relevant, and accessible are and are not. When that’s complete, we feel like we’ll be able to write out that vision statement in ink for everyone to get behind.

From there we’re going to look to further solidify long-term goals with short-term priorities. Ultimately, we want to firmly establish four long-term goals. We are looking for consensus. The group today will then talk about the tactics and critical steps needed in the first year in order to achieve the long-term goals in five years. We probably won’t complete everything when it comes to the short-term, but as we cross the halfway point of our facilitating, we want to keep the momentum going today that will carry us through our last two sessions.