The Two Common Contradictory Misconceptions About Graphic Design

  1. It looks so simple. Must be easy to do.
  2. You, the designer, have all the time in the world to perfectly work and revise, work and revise, and the design only goes out into the world after you've had plenty of time to make sure it is the best thing anyone has ever seen. 

When in truth, it’s really difficult to design something that is simple, clear, and beautiful. And in the flow of the day, with multiple projects, juggling many things, you don’t have the time to mess with something until you feel it is the best thing anyone has ever seen. I don’t think perfection is something you should go for. It’s just not possible. 

Day by day, you work and you release, and you repeat. If something becomes great, it’s because of a summation of factors, many of which you have no control over. Best to just do what you do and let the chips fall where they may.