Poster: Climate Change Is Here

I don’t know about you, but I’m just not in a hopeful mood these days. I’m not in for sending thoughts and prayers. I know there are better equipped individuals out there who are more than willing to send such things. Instead, I’m more concerned with truth-telling. And given America these days, I’m more than comfortable being in such a place.

Let’s start with the world’s most powerful Twitter weatherman. Simply astonished at how crazy all this weather is! I do NOT give Trump any credit in any of this madness. Nope. None. And his actions regarding Puerto Rico were disgusting. 

Climate change is a hoax started by the Chinese? Climate change gets scrubbed from government websites? Government scientists no longer can speak of such things? Really? Well, then we have a big problem, don’t we? Just look at what the EPA is doing under a bunch of anti-science crony capitalists. It’s absolutely appalling.

This poster is about how climate change is here. Picturesque ocean settings be damned. We are living in a period of climate change and upheaval. Hurricane after hurricane after hurricane. All made worse by our human excesses. 

I believe science. I believe truth. I believe climate change is upon us. Plenty of others are speaking on how America has really come together in this time of national crisis. And I think that is absolutely amazing. To the people out there, my thoughts and prayers go out to a higher power to instill in us the ability to not just move on in a month or two.

But for the purposes of this poster, this is to the governments out there. Or perhaps, just ours. Wake the fuck up you smug, know-nothing assholes. The future is now, and if we’re going to survive in it, then we better start acting accordingly.

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