Oh burnout, there you are!

When I decided to keep a regular blog on design and collaboration about a year ago, I told myself I’d be honest. Honest about the good and honest about the bad. One of those bad things that comes with a job in the creative industry is burnout. It is very real and very cruel. It can take what you love and want to do most and turn it into work you just HAVE to do. You can end up going through the motions pushing buttons or rolling over to get something done. What used to come with passion and drive can even be cringed at. It’s not the work. It’s just that you’ve gone too long without a good, healthy break. It happens. When you love what you do it’s easy to overlook the need for leisure, hobbies, and impulsive day trips. Right now I am approaching burnout. And it’s a beast. But fear not, a long vacation is just about here. Excellent timing for sure. I’m really looking forward to it. And after, I'm really looking forward to getting back to it. Designing good work and having a grand time doing it.