Make Time to Think

Before I set out on my own, I had all this thinking built up. Like an insane amount. I was at a cushy agency job sitting on all these ideas, theories, priorities, etc. Just waiting for the perfect time to unleash them. Almost 5 years later, having spent most of my time doing design work guided by this thinking, and staying current with the design industry, responsive web design, infographics, type, software, and on and on, I’d say I’m philosophically low. When you are focused on the doing, purely thinking unrelated to a specific project or task can take a back seat. I have a vacation coming up and a big priority when I get back in office is to make time to just think. In my experience, doing so makes you less reactive, more thoughtful, more patient, and better equipped to deal with the bumps in the road. There’s power in thinking. Just like standing on a street corner with nowhere specific to go.