More Potential Topics

  1. Punk rock bands I want to be in until my fingers bleed: IDLES
  2. How I cook: slowly, loudly, full of flavor
  3. When bad words are limiting
  4. Personal Velocity 
  5. Branding Shit (on the Trump brand, AKA polishing a turd)
  6. Thinking about death on the daily
  7. The Internet could never be bad, right?
  8. Chasing the long-form
  9. Being better at headlines than the full story
  10. Must love tacos
  11. Where/when design ends
  12. 1979
  13. The magical quality of trees
  14. The Curmudgeon
  15. Leisure Man
  16. Time Travel
  17. That one time
  18. I want to talk about my bias