I’ll Never ... A Mid Life Assessment

A short list of things I’ll never be or do in this life:

  • Be President

  • Sky Dive

  • Smoke Cigarettes

  • Enjoy a Good Steak

  • Enjoy Listening to Wilco

  • Enjoy Blockbuster Superhero Movies

  • Go to Confession Again

  • Own a Pair of Jeans Again

  • Have a Chiseled Body

  • Sneak into North Korea

  • Write a Novel

  • Get into Gaming

  • Vote Republican

Web Design Process: For Real

What we go through every time we design and build a great website:

  • Excitement!

  • Jubilation!

  • Getting Inspired

  • Designing Our Socks Off

  • Getting the Client Excited

  • Everyone Is So Happy

  • We’re Rolling Now!

  • Working Out All Features/Requirements

  • Approval! (High 5s)

  • Prepping for Dev

  • And Here We Go!

  • Developing Our Socks Off

  • Shepherding It Along

  • Dev Builds Oh My!

  • More Dev Builds

  • Working That Content in the CMS

  • It’s All Coming Together Now

  • Now We Wait…

  • And We Wait

  • Starting to Get Less Excited

  • Things Are Looking Good

  • Some Things Not So Much

  • Getting A Little Nervous

  • Where Are Things At?

  • Getting Less Excited Still

  • What the Hell?

  • It’s All Less Fun Now

  • Is This Ever Going to Be Done?

  • Getting Nervous About Everything

  • A Second Wave of Excitement!

  • We’re Close Now

  • No, We’re Not

  • I’m Sorry, What?

  • Oh Jesus Fucking Christ

  • I Thought This Was Approved?

  • Okay, We’re Good to Go

  • No, We’re Not

  • Light at the End of the Tunnel

  • The Tunnel Just Collapsed

  • How Many Months Has It Been?

  • Well This Budget Was Too Low

  • Kill Me Now

  • Is This Even Any Good?

  • Dear God.

  • Almost Done!

  • So Stoked to Share This One

  • Oh You’ve Got to Be Joking

  • Okay We’re Good!

  • No, We’re Not

  • Yes We Are!

  • No, We’re Not

  • So Close I Can Taste It

  • Fuck It.

  • I’m A Complete and Utter Failure

  • And We’re Live!

  • And. It. Is. Awesome.

  • So Stoked.

  • Bring on the Next One!

  • FIN

On Film

Oh that time in your life when you’re forming your foundational belief systems and structures for interacting with the world. Ages 19–23 let’s say. In my time, in addition to the books, music, booze, girls, and friends you’d lay on the tracks for, there was also film. And the films that stuck with me, the ones that touched my soul and shook my sensibilities, I owe them a lot.

  • Fight Club

  • The Big Lebowski 

  • Pulp Fiction

  • Amélie

  • The Royal Tennenbaums

  • The 400 Blows

  • Requiem for a Dream

  • The Matrix

  • Amores Perros

  • Run Lola Run

  • Trainspotting

  • Le Bonheur

  • The City of Lost Children

  • All About My Mother

  • 8 1/2

  • Metropolis

  • Dr. Strangelove

  • Donnie Darko

  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  • Adaptation

  • Office Space

The Next Slew of Game Shows for America

Hey. So apparently there’s a new game show where college grads crushed with student loans have the chance to win enough cash to pay off their debts. Why stop there? How about we create games shows to solve all our problems and enflame our political divisions. Here are some we could do next:

  • Let’s Get You Some Health Care!

  • Name That Climate Change Catastrophe

  • The Price Is Tax Cuts for the Rich

  • The 10 Trillion Dollar War

  • Wheel of White Grievance

  • Press Your Execution Button

  • Whose Vagina Is It Anyway?

Together, with a solid game show concept, there’s no limit to the problems we’ll be able to solve.

My Presidential Short List

Top 5 Candidates

Here are my favorites to be the next president:

  • Kamala Harris

  • Elizabeth Warren

  • Cory Booker

  • Pete Buttigieg

  • Beto O’Rourke

On the Country

Based on how it behaves:

  • I see a country okay with inadequate health care. 

  • I see a country with racist policies.

  • I see a country full of polluted communities.

  • I see a country who puts vulnerable people in cages and ruthless people into positions of power. 

  • I see a country giving every advantage to the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

  • I see a country full of white supremacy.

  • I see a country who refuses to educate all its children.

  • I see a country who refuses to offer liberty to everyone.

  • I see a country who cannot have a meaningful conversation with itself about where it plans to go.

  • I see a country who does not believe in the future. 

The Top 10 Albums of 2018

In my past lists, male artists dominated. I even had a year where there was only one female band on my Top 10 list. That is just shameful. So this year, the year of the woman, the most punk rock thing to do is go one better. In a year of listening to more female artists than ever before, here are the albums that spoke to me in 2018, in no particular order:

This might be my favorite Top 10 list to date. And sadly, Kali Uchis, Santigold, and Haley Heynderickx didn’t quite make the cut. But damn, the year of the woman roared, rocked, soothed, inspired, motivated, intrigued, captivated, grooved, and in so many aspects opened my mind. #MuchLove